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Pam Banlaoi

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Pam Banlaoi-Ong was born and raised in Manila. She moved to LA in 2019 on a special mission: to raise their two children as global citizens. She and her husband believe that LA is the perfect place for them to accomplish this. She began her career in the Philippines as an Account Manager at GMA Network. She innovated relationships with company leadership, brought in new business accounts, and drove consistent growth. Pam is an art enthusiast. She synergized this personal passion for art and collection of works from the world-renowned artist, Ramon Orlina to negotiate rights to become one of the very few individual dealers. She was part of the startup team of Leon Gallery, the Philippines’ most trusted auction house and specialist in culturally important; museum-quality Philippine art and purveyors of fine Philippine antiques and historical objects.

Pam leveraged this precious professional experience in media and art sales when she joined the Cadillac of Beverly Hills in 2020. She’s one of the top sales professionals there and was able to build a high-value book of business. She proactively responded to unusual challenges such as the pandemic and supply chain shortage issues by pivoting to the vehicle preordering process in the most painless way that she consistently earned 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. She is powered by her insatiable curiosity which led her to pursue real estate when the perfect opportunity presented itself. She attended UCLA Extension. She got her real estate license immediately and was able to get the Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) designation right away. She is specializing in foreign national buyers and cryptocurrency transactions.

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