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Beverly Hills

A historical mecca of glitz and glamour with a surprising community feel.

It’s hard to find a LA neighborhood more well-known than Beverly Hills. Dubbed the “Home of the Stars,” it has long been a symbol of wealth and fame. During the Golden Age of television, it was home to celebrities like Douglas Fairbanks, Will Rogers, and Rudolf Valentino. Today it is home to entertainment institutions, including the William Morris Endeavor Agency and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And of course, who can forget when Julia Roberts famously shopped on Rodeo Drive in Pretty Woman – “Big mistake!”

Despite its sometimes gaudy reputation in film and television, it is actually a superb residential neighborhood and tight-knit community offering a range of housing options, from affordable apartments to opulent mansions, and everything in between. It is walkable and livable, with a fair share of green for both people and dogs to enjoy. During the day, the heart of the city is unfortunately filled with gawking tourists trying to spot a celebrity down the world-famous Rodeo Drive. But you will never be pressed to find a good restaurant or bar from long-standing favorites to new ones that pop up all the time. There’s afternoon tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel, espresso and people watching at Urth Cafe, beer and burgers at The Honor Bar, and a nightcap (or two) at Maestro’s. Most things shut down early here, so you’ll have to take a quick ride to nearby West Hollywood if you are looking for a little more nightlife.

Outside this bustle, there are smaller pockets of communities that each carry their own laid-back (yet opulent) personality and feel. The homes here run the gamut from mid-century, to contemporary, and historic estates like Greystone Mansion and the Virginia Robinson Gardens. It is also a major cultural hub with landmarks like the Beverly Wilshire, the Paley Center for Media, and of course, the Golden Globes held annually at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. There are small outdoor concert series, an abundance of art galleries, and who could pass up the kitchy local canine extravaganza, Woofstock.

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