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Los Feliz

A chill, walkable neighborhood with a relaxed atmosphere and cozy feel. 

This neighborhood east of Hollywood is an affordable and laid-back haven for those who want a small city feel with nature views. Walt Disney first drew Mickey Mouse at his uncle’s home here and Frank Lyoyd Wright built the famous Ennis House. For East Coast transplants, it’s got a grown-up Brooklyn vibe with more date nights than late nights, and is a great place for dog owners, or just the dog-obsessed, as there is a pooch on every corner. The homes are a mix of charming apartment buildings, Spanish style single-family homes, and classic California bungalows with most of the homes built in the 20s and 30s. Neighbors are young, cool, creative types without being overly millennial or hipster. The activity here centers around Hillhurst and Vermont Avenues, which are overflowing with locally owned restaurants, bars, and shops. Take a stroll, sweat it out in one of the many yoga studios, or grab a casual bite – from cheap tacos, to $1 oysters, and everything in between. There are plenty of dimly lit, eclectic bars to grab a drink or catch a local band. If you need more green, head to Griffith Park, one of LA’s largest and well-known parks. Boasting more miles than Central Park, it’s easy to get lost exploring its verdant nooks, or find your favorite spot to hang and play. With a 53-mile network of hiking trails, golf courses, picnic areas, and the famous Griffith Observatory, there is always a reason to get outside and explore. If music is your thing, the area is home to the famous Greek Theater, an intimate outdoor venue that draws some of the biggest artists in the business. Perhaps the biggest debate of all Los Feliz is pronouncing the name. If you want to fit in, go with fey-leece, which translates to happy, and seems to sum up the vibe.

Cocktail:Big Bar

Coffee: Maru

Grub: Trattoria Farfalla

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