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Trousdale Estates

Life above it all tucked away in the hills north of Sunset Boulevard.

Trousdale Estates was originally part of the Doheny Ranch, but in 1954, Paul Trousdale purchased the 429 acres in Beverly Hills north of Sunset and started to carve out lots. The area is an architectural wonder, with early residences designed by famous architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Williams, and A. Quincy Jones. At its conception, it had a reputation for it’s chic and modern design, and has been home to Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and former President Richard Nixon. More recently, celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Seacrest, and Jane Fonda have purchased homes, making it one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Beverly Hills.

The homes here are modern masterpieces and often considered “trophy” homes for those who take pride in their architectural significance. Most have been renovated and upgraded to balance the mid-century design with extravagant amenities like oversized kitchens, home theaters, wine cellars and car museums. The restaurants and shops in the retail area of Beverly Hills are a quick car ride away, as well as the electric energy of the Sunset Strip. With private access, high security, and ocean views, living here is often equated to living on top of the world…or at least on top of LA.

Cocktail: The Tower Bar

Coffee: Gravite Café

Grub: Craig’s

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