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Marketing – Draft

Step 1

Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and price trends.

Step 2

Stage our home effectively in order to cast a positive light on the features that are most important to buyers, such as uncluttered rooms, closets, and drawers, fresh paint, and terrific curb appeal.

Step 3

Place “for sale” signs, complete with fliers that are easily accessible to those walking or driving past.

Step 4

Send announcements to over 1,000 local prospects in the area

Step 5

Distribute “choose your neighbor” notices around the neighborhood, which encourage people to tell family and friend about your home.

Step 6

Optimize your home’s internet presence by posting information in the local and global MLS Systems. The listing will include plenty of photography, and description of our property

Step 7

Produce a 360 degree virtual tour of your home, and follow that up by placing it on multiple websites to attract both local and out-of-town buyers.

Step 8

Create a home book, comment cards and fliers to place inside your property

Step 9

Include your home in our company and MLS tours, allowing other agents to see your home for themselves.

Step 10

Implement neighborhood tracking tools and automated buyer calling systems allowing us to reach active buyers who want to know about your listing

Step 11

Advertise your home through direct mail campaigns and social media.

Step 12

Create an open house schedule to promote your property to prospective buyers and market those open houses.

Step 13

Target active buyers and investors in our database who are looking for homes in your price range and area.

Step 14

Provide you with weekly updates detailing our marketing efforts, including comments from the prospective buyers and agents who have visited your home.

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