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Traci Fellows

Traci Fellows
Traci Fellows is not just a guiding light in Beverly Hills’ luxury real estate market; she is a certified connoisseur of sophisticated negotiations and a recognized authority in probate expertise. As the visionary leader of Fellows Luxury Group, she brings an unparalleled 30-year legacy of premium real estate acumen, endorsed by her Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist credential. Her wisdom is a coveted feature in Beverly Hills Living Magazine as the exclusive real estate virtuoso and has graced the television screens on HGTV’s House Hunters.
Traci Fellows

With a storied history spanning over a decade in Private Wealth Management with luminary institutions like Goldman Sachs, and as a licensed Securities Trader, Traci’s distinctive financial insight is the driving force behind her mission to amplify her clients’ wealth through insightful real estate investments. Her unique background is a strategic advantage in the fiercely competitive terrain of the Los Angeles real estate market.

Beyond her expertise, Traci is the epitome of integrity, loyalty, and clarity. Clients seek her out not only for her progressive approach but also for her earnest counsel. Her collaborative spirit and invigorating energy are the linchpins in orchestrating fluid, successful real estate transactions. As a Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Probate Expert, she offers her clients not just a property, but a path to prosperity, backed by access to venerated wealth management professionals for bespoke financial planning.

When the closing papers are signed and her clients are content, Traci indulges in the balance of life, whether it’s nurturing her well-being, contributing to philanthropic causes against food shortages in LA, steering her Sea Ray on new voyages, or savoring the hidden gems of Paris with her husband and cherished mini-schnauzer, Spencer.

Traci Fellows: A paragon of real estate excellence, a strategist in wealth creation, and a harbinger of a life well-lived.

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